Essay within the Use of Audio in the Graduate

The utilization of sound inside the Graduate

The movie The Graduate was obviously a pioneer for the film industry when it comes to its use of popular music as non-diegetic sound through the entire film. The Simon and Garfunkel audio track fit in very effectively to set the tone in the film and give the audience signs as to what the characters were feeling. Apart from the non-diegetic sound the diegetic sound was also used very successfully to express figure emotions, particularly Ben's feelings. Ben's disconnect from culture as a whole could have been discovered in the scene by which his father is having him present his birthday present; the usage of sound was so strong it would certainly not be difficult to completely understand the scene even without the images. The field comes on with Ben's dad announcing to his guests that his son will probably be now presenting the surprise which he bought him. Ben is usually not noticeable in the field, but all of us do hear him. He's calling from the inside his home to his father that he really wishes to possess a word roughly with his daddy before popping out to the business presentation, but every time he asks his dad just produces him off with a quick " sure yeah” or perhaps " seriously Ben. ” At 1 point he even funds him 12 seconds to speak but hardly ever comes around to become Ben. When Ben comes into the landscape the sound switches. Along with your eyes shut down you would think Darth Vader may have come on the scene while Ben's large and high breathing overwhelms your hearing. If you still only pay attention to the picture the breathing will continue for around a minute in that case suddenly is interrupted by a splash. It truly is at that point wherever your ears will recommend you that maybe Darth Vader would not just make an extra experience but in fact the character is within some sort of scuba items. After the little we after that hear what sounds like repeated surfacing and after that diving backside under normal water. The breathing appear is replace by bubbles and it is safe to assume that Bill is completely underwater at this point....

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