The Fundamental Rights and Tasks of Hong Kong Residents Essay



The essential

Rights and Duties of

Hong Kong Residents


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Can the Basic Law

guard your privileges?

What are your



some. 1


What primary rights carry out Hong Kong occupants enjoy?

some. 2

5. 3

How can the Basic Legislation protect the rights of

Hong Kong occupants?

According to the Fundamental Law, exactly what the tasks of Hk residents?

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Who can enjoy the legal rights that Hong Kong

residents possess?


Travel around




Prior to returning to China and tiawan,

Hong Kong citizens have

been enjoying a large number of rights

and freedoms.


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The Fundamental

Rights and Duties of

Hong Kong Residents




Some Hong Kong residents worried

that they might be constrained in many of

their freedoms after the come back to China.

These were afraid of burning off some of the

fundamental rights that they had enjoyed in

the past.



Just before Returning

to China



Following Returning

to China

some. 1

What fundamental privileges do

Hk residents delight in?

The word ‘rights' refers to the rights and freedoms that citizens have and enjoy under the law. The essential rights that Hong Kong citizens enjoy happen to be set out in Chapter 3 of the Fundamental Law (see Appendix about pp. 32-35 for the kind of provisions). Other Chapters have similar recommendations.

There is a broad variety of fundamental privileges and liberties that Hong Kong residents delight in. Chapter III of the Basic Law declares that Hong Kong residents get pleasure from political, social, economic and personal freedom which these freedoms are protected by law.

Politics Freedom

Financial Freedom

Personal Freedom

Social Freedom


The Fundamental

Rights and Obligations of

Hong Kong Residents

l. 3

You need to know you have these kinds of rights

The photographs below demonstrate rights that Hong Kong residents

enjoy in everyday life. Look thoroughly and answer the following questions.

Pic. 2

Pic. you


. 5

Pic. three or more


By these images, what privileges do Hong Kong residents

delight in? Write down your answers:

Pic. 2

Photo. 1

Freedom of


procession and


l. 4


Everyone is

the same before

what the law states

The Fundamental

Rights and Responsibilities of

Hk Residents

Pic. 3

Right to vote

and stand for


Pic. four

Freedom of


a couple of

Apart from these kinds of rights, you will discover others. Write down three

additional rights that Hong Kong occupants enjoy. (You may refer

to Content 25 to Article forty one of the Basic Law inside the Appendix)

The liberty of choosing your occupation, of

religious beliefs, of conversation and of the press, and

the protegido freedom in the person…

There are numerous videos inside the Basic Regulation website from the HKSAR

Govt that gives here is how the privileges and

liberties of Hk residents will be protected by Basic

Regulation. You may would like to visit this website and watch the videos:

What words occur usually in Chapter III from the Basic Law? The answers must be either " freedom” or " Hong Kong residents”. Why carry out they arise so often in Chapter III?

Thanks to the regulation, Hong Kong residents have been experiencing much independence in many areas. This is the cornerstone of Hong Kong's success. Chapter III of the Fundamental Law is all about that – the security of flexibility. On this guarantee, Hong Kong someones confidence is restored, and Hong Kong has been successful following 1997.


The Fundamental

Rights and Duties of

Hong Kong Residents

s. 5

one particular

What kinds of flexibility do Hong Kong

residents delight in?

The following are the opinions of several persons.

I demand to go on speaking for the

people and will not give in to the

effective. Hong Kong reporters

enjoy increased freedom than patients in

many other places. We all criticise big...

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