Game Plan Article

п»їCordarius Johnson

Freshman Seminar I

Teacher Gina Till

November 11, 2013

The Game Prepare

A lot of people via my hometown asked me so why did I wish to go to university. They say in spite of a degree you may not find a good work or it will cost a lot of money to attend college and then money you going to make, easily ever received a high spending job, will certainly just be repaid to the school the school I attended. After which I question them, " why not attend university? ” Do you want to be a bottom for the rest of your life? Or act on McDonald's flipping hamburgers when making just medium salary? That is not my plan for the rest of warring.

In my opinion education is among the most powerful point you can obtain in life. Gowns something that no-one can ever consider from you. I believe the more you learn the further you will go ahead life. You may land that million dollar desire job and own that expensive car and property. Who would not want that?

The first thing everyone should do can be list profession goals, as well, list short and permanent goals. My personal goals are to graduate college or university, attend a grad university so I can acquire my experts degree. Receive hired at: Google, Apple, or Any various other major computer software jobs. It truly don't have to become a major 1 I can also work for any company that deals with pcs or computer programming and improve them. Nevertheless those happen to be my dream jobs.

My location call always be called several things from computer system repair, computer information, to computer professional. All of them basically do the same thing. This position can require you to correct a major problem to fixing the smallest thing to even discovering something completely new.

I have also been the " geek type” during my whole like. I truly enjoy getting about the newest computer software or trying to figure out just how and the particular the computer work. I will be cofortable with just getting into my work and sitting down at my office with computer parts everywhere! That will travel most people crazy but I will call that the place of peacefulness.

Although my first...

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