Essay in Die so that You Believe in

Mallory Ramos

Period: 8

March 7, 2013

A. S. English Language

and Composition

Because many crucial people have died for what consider to make the universe a better put the claim that " It is better awesome what you rely on rather than to lie just to save your life” is the right thing to do. Martyr: an individual who is offer death or endures superb suffering for any belief, principle, or cause. Anybody that comes to mind for a lot of people when you look at the definition of martyr is probably Jesus Christ. Jesus propagate the word of God and did not let anyone quit him. Having been crucified as they would not praise or bow down to any person except his God. Jesus knew which the consequence was death, but he would not let that change his mind. This individual stood up for what he believed in until the very end. He never lied or went against his values to save his life. This is not the only time that an individual stood up for what they rely on. Everyday there are people becoming persecuted so that they believe in. In the Middle East there are disputes between religious groups. They kill the other person every day because both sides are standing up for what they believe is correct. Although religious beliefs is the source of many persons dying so that they believe in, it is not the only one. Some might say that there are exceptions to the statement. In case your death would not benefit a cause, why pass away for it of course, if the lie would not injure anyone else, why not lie in order to save yourself? Nevertheless think about this; in the event you lie, to save lots of your life, you have to live the rest of your life remembering that you lied. I would much somewhat die, with the knowledge that I had was up for something that I supported, than experience the guilt of the sit. If you lie about what you think in, after that did you truly believe in that? Lying in order to save your life is merely giving in. The person who you lied to you to has power above you, since you happen to be trapped in the lie that you created. Your entire life has to revolve around that lie. Is it seriously...

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