Nivea Example Essay

Marketing Footings

Professor: Vernette Sinaise

Nandy Nedd

1 . An advertising plan is described as a plan to spot and then fulfill consumers' requirements. NIVEA FOR A MAN developed the marketing program after carrying out a market research. Two pieces of data that NIVEA used while preparing its promoting plan to re-launch NIVEA FOR MEN are: a. Past functionality data of NIVEA MALES in the UK to determine how the company was executing and the advertising they employed and who had been buying the item, they were able to determine that girls were shopping for for the men which allowed them to change their target to really concentrating on the men thus they would not simply look yet buy the items b. Forecasting data so that they would be able to produce a new online marketing strategy. Due to their research they were able to determine that men are becoming much more thinking about male skin products and that there is a demand for them which allowed them to become even more progressive in their product.

installment payments on your NIVEA employed football support to help boost its revenue of NIVEA FOR MEN items because it helped create more robust brand cast (how very well customers understand the brand) among males. It also allowed the brand to make and maintain a regular dialogue with men, which help drive product sales. Research acquired indicated that girls were more likely to buy skin care products than men. NIVEA needed to build a confident male picture to associate with its goods; football was obviously a likely choice since it is the most well-liked sport on the globe. They promoted their merchandise through a combination of above- the- line (direct expenditure about advertising such as television and cinema adverts) which reached a wide market and below-the-line (indirect expenditure such as freebies, PR or perhaps competitions) advertising. The approach worked because sales grew from 68 million pounds to over 117 million in ten years coming from 1998 to 2008.

3. SWOT examination of NIVEA's position just before the re-launch of NIVEA FOR MEN Interior


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