Management Composition


WEEK one particular: 8TH THIS SUMMER

Meaning of management: " Management is definitely the attainment of organisational desired goals in an effective and efficient manner through planning, getting, leading and controlling organisational resources” (Samson, Catley, Cathro and Daft, 2012: 10).

Q: Just how can we sound right of this event…so it can supply a useful guideline for bettering future support? A: Existing knowledge about enterprise & administration

Problem by Larnaka?

Motif 1: Managing organisation

в†’ Or, learning the context you work within just

• Proper direction / focus

• The external environment

• Operational procedures and practices

Theme two: Managing people

в†’ Or perhaps, understanding the people you use

•Bringing the best people in the organisation

•Supporting these people to work effectively

•Understanding these folks: as persons and as people of sociable units •The unique proportions of individuals, clubs and groupings

LECTURE a couple of:


Preparing for course 2:

Type of organisationNew Zealand ExampleManagement ChallengesInternational Business ExampleManagement Difficulties CharitySPCA

Saint Johns

Red Combination (NZ)

Sanitarium Money (funding)

Gas increases, salary decrease (no money) Crimson Cross

National Wearing OrganisationNZ RUISSEAU (rugby unions)


Sport NZ

Social Business Melcom Trust

Entreprenurial start upPocketsmith



Lone Star

Small-medium enterprise

International Corporation Boeing

Issues? Consequences? – What management needs to consider Example: People signing up to BSNS105 late – Consequences… -- Rooms also full sama dengan No seats

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Big R – Little ur

Big exploration (internet) and Littie Analysis (talking to the people, observing, surveys, making be aware of what happens) Queen: Management may be the attainment of organisational desired goals in an successful and effective manner by using a: Planning, arranging, leading and controlling

Definition of enterprise:

" A cultural entity that is certainly goal directed and deliberately structured” (Samson, Catley, Cathro and Silly, 2012, l. 16). " A tool persons use to coordinate their actions to obtain anything they desire or perhaps value” (Jones, 2010, l. 24). " Organization is a response to and means of fulfilling some individual need” (Jones, 2012: 24).

Organisations develop to achieve a reason – in which does that purpose are derived from? E. G Green Truck's cab – that they found themselves a niche. There was a demand to be environmentally friendly. i) Purpose:

Different organisational reasons lead to different kinds of organisations - Different systems of organisation & management:

Three extensive ‘sectors':

1 ) Agricultural

2 . Manufacturing

3. Service

Meaning of entrepreneurship:

" Entrepreneurship is the expression used to describe the process by which persons recognize in order to satisfy needs and then accumulate and employ resources to fulfill those needs” (Jones, 2010: 24).

1 ) Argicultural/Primary:

•Create/source organic items to sell

•Transforms other organic products:

- Ground

- Water

- Vegetation

- Family pets

E. G: Fonterra, Harbor Fish

Create/harvest organic and natural objects to offer

In doing so , this may need the transformation of various other organic products We. E: garden soil, water, crops, animals

2 . Manufacturing:

•Create inorganic/organic objects to offer

•Transforms things into several objects

•Physical, tangible, transferable…. Things! (i. e. products) Create inorganic/organic objects to market

Via alteration of things into diverse objects

EG: Boeing - Manufacturer of economic jetliners and defence, space and security alarm systems. - Significant

- International

- Industrial

Boeing has two business units:

- Boeing Commercial Airplanes

- Boeing Defence, Space and Reliability

Just lately lost a whole lot of personnel (the size of Dunedin is definitely their corporation). Currently have 169, 000 staff (use to acquire about 260, 000) through the US + 70 various other countries Problems they had...

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