Leadership Potential Profile Dissertation


Leadership is actually a process in which a leader affects a group of people to achieving specific goals. An effective leader is definitely someone who motivates a person or a group to accomplish a lot more than they would have got otherwise completed. Not all managers are commanders; however , they will share with them the desire to achieve the desired goals of businesses[i].

Management is linked to certain characteristics or features. These leaders' qualities contain self-reliance, independence, assertiveness, risk-taking, dominance, ambitiousness, and self-sufficiency. People who have these qualities are often defined as " leaders”. Understanding their leadership style is a necessary first step in leadership advancement. The following is a SWOT evaluation of my own leadership potential and persona profile using selected self-assessments from the Command textbook.

Command Potential Profile

A leader is a lot like a mentor in the athletics arena. In the sports arena, a group consists of specific players; every with selected skills, however the team as a whole forms a proper tuned instrument by the instructor who is hopefully arranging them into a natural unit. One of the most important tasks in an business is identifying and expanding the next generation of leaders. You will find certainly numerous signs that may indicate the opportunity of leadership. My personal Leadership Potential Profile analysis indicates which i have a higher leadership potential with a rating of 33 out of a possible 35.

Strength -- Influence

Many believe that leadership is the first step toward influence which great management ability comes from the ability to impact those surrounding them. In one of my the latest job evaluations it was written that " Michelle can be described as natural head with a hearty and frankly design that seems to positively influence her acquaintances and task team”. I readily acknowledge authority and display a high level of energy when you are performing so. I actually am normally action-oriented, finding to rise for the challenge. I tend to take project, drive things around me personally, and thrive in situations exactly where I can employ my influence to resolve concerns. I focus on Capitol Mountain, as with innovative hires in this article, your resume and list of achievements precede the arrival. I had been no exception. Like a former Stock market and department of transportation com technology manager, it absolutely was assumed that I would bring a specific business smart to my division. Therefore , during my early months, I had a level of influence based on my past experience.

Some weakness – People Interactions

It is vital to those with high management potential to work well with other folks, appreciate essential comments regarding the work, and value the job and needs of others. Unfortunately, My spouse and i sometimes get myself in case of where We am excessively critical of what I believe is the not enough hard work by simply other team members. Since My spouse and i am extremely organized, My spouse and i am intolerant with disorganized individuals in particular when that disorganization contributes to missed deadlines. My spouse and i am not at all times accepting of essential observations of my work especially when it might require rework that provides more time towards the project timetable. This was apparent recently each time a Project Administration Officer who also reviews all projects more than a certain price range, asked me to delay closing a project due to a document they will believed was important to the project. Nevertheless , delaying the closure would also signify my project would not be regarded as as " completing on-time”. I defended my task to numerous senior managers explaining why I think the expected document unneeded. Although, I had been able to successfully argue my point and the project in the end was shut down (without the brand new requirement). It absolutely was certainly not the best way to handle my own disagreement while using Project Management Officer—someone that I certainly want in my project team's corner going forward.

Option - Company Objectives

Successful leadership is required to achieve company objectives. Seeing that effective...

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