KastKing Presents Specialty Doing some fishing Rods Dissertation

KastKing Introduces Niche Fishing Equipment

KastKing, a division of Eposeidon Outdoor Adventure, Inc. has established a brand of specific work with fishing equipment that deliver innovation and technology to fishing handle. Hempstead, Long Island, NY

(August 25, 2014) -- Eposeidon's

KastKing™ split that offers highquality monetarily priced sportfishing reels and fishing line has added

angling rods with their product selection.

KastKing™ will offer you 23 models

made for freshwater techniques and

kayak sportfishing. Their largemouth bass fishing rod

range carries the name Perigee,

named after the positioning of the

moon once fish are most effective, and Phantom for KastKing's™ patent-pending kayak rod series. KastKing™ offers designed and manufactured spinning and baitcasting rods inside the Perigee collection for specific bass doing some fishing techniques just like: crankbait, flipping/C-rig, topwater, frogging and striking, jerkbait, and drop-shot/shakey head. There are also KastKing™ Perigee multi-purpose spinning and baitcasting rods for a selection of species and techniques. Additionally , KastKing™ has created a fly fishing rod specifically for kayak fishing. It had been designed following input and months of testing simply by kayak fishermen in fresh water and deep sea.

" Possibly the greatest characteristic of these equipment is the cost, " says Eposeidon's Promoting Director, Tom Gahan, " With top quality components and features that provide action of rods being hundreds more, we have a great outlook intended for market share with this pricepoint occur the $70 range. It took a lot of work to bunch so much quality into these kinds of rods and gives the best value anywhere. For the angler's reason, we're happy we could. "

Eposeidon will probably be offering a special pre-release lower price on Perigee and Phantom rods at the beginning of September. Pre-release ordering details will be available for http://www.eposeidon.com in those days. Customers who also place a pre-release order may have their fishing rods shipped out after being released on the in Eposeidon's warehouses in midSeptember. As soon as the KastKing™ fishing rods are in...