Jackie Robinson Essay

Jackie Johnson

Jackie Robinson was born in Georgia in 1919 to a family of sharecroppers. Jackie is historically acknowledged for his most significant influence on American culture of breaking the color obstacle in Mlb in 1947. After his initial introduction to the Major Associations with the Brooklyn Dodgers, Cassie became the prospective of white colored race critique all around the league including players and coaches. His problem with the racism around the group was to not really fight back, although stay a quiet, polite, ordinary hockey player. Following his incredible first season and Globe Series overall look with the Dodgers, he became a true hope to African Americans and portrayed that anyone coming from any ethnicity background has the ability to of obtaining their desired goals if they will set their very own mind to it.

Although he was the first African to learn in the MLB, he attained the value of users of the MLB organization and ended up being called one of the most accomplished baseball players of all time. His amazing stats over his career such as leading the league in stolen basics, double performs as a second baseman, his impressive batting average, fantastic MVP merit, led to his induction to the Hall of Fame in 1962. His most famous statistic in his baseball career is definitely his nineteen stolen angles home. In 1997, the MLB chosen to retire the quantity 42 for all teams in Jackie's reverance, which inhibits a player from ever wearing the number 42 again in MLB record.

After his profession in football, Jackie continuing to fight to improve the standard of life not simply for African's but also for contemporary society as a whole. He also started to be Vice President of Chock Total O'Nuts in 1957 and became the first African to do so in a main corporation. Johnson became a great activist and leader in the African community with the NAACP in 1957 to raise money and ultimately end segregation. In his attempt to end the discrimination, he gave messages, encouraged new ideas, marched and was standing at protests fighting for any better existence among...

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