Inferno Examination Essay

In The Dolore, by Dante, the main character

operates upon several amounts. Dante serves as a

Christian hero as they undergoes tests and

tribulations in his search to find the souls true path

in life. Dante also portrays himself as everyman. This individual

does this simply by showing that he also suffers from sin.

In The Inferno, terrible is in a spiral form, and is

divided up by the seriousness from the sin fully commited.

The sinners will be stuck in their location in hell exactly where

there consequence fit the crime that they can committed.

At the top of heck is where what Dante considered the

least sinful persons belonged. This can be the home of the

people who suffered with lust, and gluttony. The sins

received worse heading down until the incredibly bottom was reached.

In the very bottom of hell were the traitors, and

people that cheated others. According to Dante,

they were the very worst people in hell. It seems

that every sinner in terrible tries to misrepresent the

real truth to justify away their sin.

In The Tormento, Dante results in several persons

that are known public statistics, and/or people that Dante

understood on earth. Among these is usually Brunetto Latini who

Dante admires and is also shocked to find him right now there.

Another individual that Dante comes across in The Inferno

is usually Francesca da Rimini, whom Dante realizes he would

have gotten the same destiny. Dante also runs into Ulysses

of which who led visitors to death, and has a flaming

tongue. Vanni Fucci is another person that Dante runs

into in terrible. Vanni Fucci is there to get robbing a

church, now the serpents have attacked him.

Dante's objective in his writing is that this individual wants to

write the defining improve the culture that this individual lives

in. He produces, " existence journey, " so the associated with

humanity may link his experiences to his own.

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