Effects of the Late-Night Culture on Malaysian Youth Dissertation

George Herbert once stated, " Time is the biker that destroys youth. ” However , it will seem that numerous teenagers and young adults today do not seem to place value on time and utilise it to the gamble that they can. Instead, one can frequently see various youths wasting their time on brainless activities. For example , it is quite common to see adolescent boys and girls loitering at shopping malls or web cafes till the early hours of the early morning. At any rate, sticking with the late-night culture may bring many problems for youth adults in the present plus the future.

Due to the smorgasbord of food outlets which might be open round the clock in Malaysia, many teenagers flock with their favourite hangout spots inside the wee several hours of the early morning to meet plan their friends over a plate or two of the local delight. However , almost all youths today do not know regarding the adverse effects of late-night food consumption. Firstly, it is unneeded for one to ingest food at such a late time, as the power is certainly not expended later on when one goes to sleep. Instead, this detrimental diet of carbohydrate-rich and fatty snacks often winds up being wasted and becomes excess body fat.

Besides that, the late-night tradition also affects the body's natural system. Teachers often have the rigmarole of trying to train a class that is unable to pay attention because that they lack correct sleep and rest. This is because a lack of rest affects your body's capacity for growth, repair and regeneration. Sleeping at unusual hours is going to affect their physical and mental capabilities the next day. As Thomas Dekker once explained, " Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together. ”

Coming from another viewpoint, a different form of problem with the late-night lifestyle among young ones concerns their very own safety. Based on the National Crime Victimization Review, approximately two-thirds of rapes and sexual assaults take place at night. Thus, the youth adults who stay out late happen to be exposing themselves to an increased likelihood of...

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