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DFD to Structure Charts

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DFDs to Structure Charts

Initial Level Info Flow Diagram

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DFDs to Composition Charts

Practical Decomposition

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DFDs to Structure Charts

Structure Chart

Structure Chart Example Queen: Where the actual modules result from?

Logical Design

Executive Module 'Update File' Top because it calls all others none call it up at this level

Module 1 e. g. Read

Module 2 .. e. g. Bring up to date

Module and e. g. Write

Available FIle

Atlanta State School DFDs to Structure Graphs

Structure Chart

Structure Data Example Queen: Where do the modules are derived from?

Physical Design and style


Exec Module 'Update File' Best because it phone calls all others none call it only at that level



Module n at the. g. Create

Module one particular e. g. Read

Component 2 .. elizabeth. g. Bring up to date

Open Data file

Georgia State University DFDs to Composition Charts

DFD to Framework Charts?

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Component 1 elizabeth. g. Examine Open Record

Structure Graph Example Q: Where the actual modules come from?



Executive Module 'Update File' Top since it calls all others none call it at this level

Module installment payments on your. e. g. Update

Module n electronic. g. Compose

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DFDs to Composition Charts

So why Divide Things Up?

Logical Design

– Simplifies understanding

" divide and conquer”

– Allows parallel development

Physical Design

– Separately compilable modules

one change must not require a complete build

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DFDs to Structure Chart

Basic Design Goals

Fitness to get purpose

– the system need to work, and work properly – it should perform all tasks because specified in the constraints from the resources


– the design should be secure against becomes features such as file or data constructions

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DFDs to Composition Charts

3 Design Rules


– the design needs to be simple as possible, but no simpler

Parting of Problems

– the several concepts should be separated out

Information Covering

– advice about the detailed kind of objects (e. g., data structures) should be kept neighborhood and " visible” to outside quests Georgia Condition University DFDs to Framework Charts

Certain Design Guidelines


– the degree modules are adequate to carry out a single, single, welldefined function. A measure of internal strength. Each module is known as a system on to itself.


– Component independence desired to small interdependence. (e. g. less is better)

Information Hiding

only the data needed is manufactured available to every single module


– small self-contained units for maintainability; each component is a system unto itself

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DFDs to Composition Charts

Certain Design Guidelines (cont'd)

Module Size

– reasonable size

Span of Control – calling more: known and limited Scope of Effect/Control – very clear path of relationships in the hierarchy

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DFDs to Structure Graphs

Process-oriented Style Activities

Conduct Transformational and Transactional Analysis

– identify most transactions to see if there is common processing – do although also undertaking transformational evaluation

•Develop Structure Charts •Design the Physical Database •Package Program Units •Write System Specifications

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DFDs to Structure Charts

Partitioning the info Flow Diagram

Transformation-centered App

– – – – file controlling and treatment of data is central rather than I/O canton DFDs transforms data currently in files by changes

Transaction-centered App

– multiple transaction types – the transaction is central – e. g. bank transfers in numerous forms, strategies of conveyance – by line, phone, tone of voice, person-to-person, and so forth.

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