Can Money Buy Delight? Essay

Can money get happiness?

" Money are not able to buy happiness" it is often claimed. But with money you can buy almost all of the things which have been necessary for delight: good meals, accommodation, entertainment, travel, top quality health care. No wonder most people make as much cash as possible. Do you really agree or disagree? The saying that money cannot buy happiness has its own opponents. They will claim that by making use of money it is also possible to get the things that comprise happiness, just like delicious food, beautiful property, travel and so forth Therefore , it really is understandable for what reason people do their best to earn whenever you can. While funds can contribute to the happiness of people for who also material riches is vital, for those who have additional priorities money cannot acquire happiness. Cash can give wonderful satisfaction and feeling of joy to people, whom place high value on material possessions. Having expensive vehicles, spacious and stylish apartments, great food and the latest achievements of technology in entertainment is important for these persons. Without these advantages of wealthy your life, they might think inferior, inferior and sometimes morbidly depressed. However , there are people who put a different meaning into the word " happiness". That they see pleasure in healthy and balanced and friendly relations with the families, good friends and those who also are special to them. Money simply cannot buy very good relationships. Subsequently, it are unable to buy delight for those who keep friendly interaction with people like a priority. But, there are others, who believe that the only way to true happiness is psychic paths but not through material possessions or loving associations. They believe which the aim of the human existence is to turn into as completely human as is feasible, to realize the entire potential inherent in the man condition. Funds is considered by simply them only as ways of survival nowadays and does not have to do anything with happiness. Technically, happiness means different things in order to people. Therefore , it...

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