Bba Project Essay


Task Report


" Relative analysis of promoting STRATEGIES OF

Vodafone & AIRTEL”



Deepanshu Tanwar

BBA third sem

Move No . 083


Mrs. Anjali Singh


Jagannath international management school

Vasant kunj New Delhi


I DEEPANSHU TANWAR, SINCERELY THANKFUL TO ANY OR ALL THOSE PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN COMPLETELY GIVING MYSELF ANY KIND OF ASSISTANCE IN THE PRODUCING OF THIS PROJECT REPORT. My spouse and i express my own gratitude to Mrs. Anjali, who has through her great experience and knowledge have been able to information me, both equally ably and successfully on the completion of the project. We express my personal gratitude to Jagannath international management institution.

I would hereby, make the majority of the opportunity by expressing my own sincerest because of all my faculties whose teachings gave me conceptual understanding and clarity of comprehension, which in turn ultimately made my job more easy. Credit also goes toward all my good friends whose confidence kept myself in very good stead. Their continuous support has provided me the strength and self-confidence to full the task without any problems.

Last of all however, not the least I would really prefer to recognize my honor to the participants without who this study would have recently been incomplete.


I, deepanshu tanwar hereby declares the project record under name " Comparison Analysis of promoting Strategies of Vodafone & Airtel. ” Is usually my own function it is the research of the big scale sector of conversation. This task involves the top scale services involved in telecommunication sector given by Airtel and Vodafone to its buyers. The survey was carried out so as to analyze the big range sector current in the current market and the improvement that can be made upon it. All proper care has been taken to keep this kind of report mistake free and I sincerely repent for any unintended discrepancies that might have crept into this kind of report. We shall be remarkably obliged in the event errors (if any) be brought to my attention.


Deepanshu tanwar


1 . Synopsis

installment payments on your introduction

3. Need from the study

some. objectives of the study

a few. introduction in the topic

• Telecom sector in India

• Airtel

• Vodafone

• Backdrop

• Company profile of Airtel

• The magic

• Comparison among marketing strategy of Bharti Airtel and Vodafone 6. Exploration Methodology

• Type of exploration methodology

• Data collection method

• Method of collection

7. Info Analysis and Interpretation

8. Swot evaluation

9. Suggestion & Realization

10. Suggestions

11. Bibliography

12. Customer survey



Every corporation has to obtain its organization goals. In this it is very essential for an organization to know about the lovely view of consumers and the competitive items. This survey research might be also focused as to calculate potential client for the product. The objective of the research is as beneath: -

1 . To recognize the difference among market performance of Airtel industry and Vodafone. installment payments on your To study industry of Airtel Industry and Vodafone in big size telecommunication sector. 3. To compare numerous parameters of promoting strategies, making process, technology adopted development policy, marketing, collaboration, export scenario, upcoming prospect to get the two businesses and government policies. 5. To study consumer buying tendencies and elements which effect the obtain decision method. 5. To learn how the organization has been effective in encountering the intense marketing strategies of competitors.



Achieving precision in any analysis requires a deep study about the subject. The top objective from the project should be to compare Airtel with the existing competitor (Vodafone) in the market as well as the impact of...

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