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 Arthaarth -- Ii Essay

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Editorial Team: Abhinandan Ghosh and Kunal Kochar

Design Team: Ajith Pancily, Prateek Shukla and Vivek Pandey Creating & Submitting: Aditya Arora

Coordinators: Ajith Pancily, Mamta Bansal, Shiv Marwah and Vivek Pandey


The Sahara Technique of doing Things

Page four.

The Half truths and the Carry debate

within the Dragon

Web page 7.

Credit scores of Nations: Light beer Reliable?

Page 10.

Surroundings India: Quest to save

the sinking send

Page 13

Our Very Own Money Ratnam:

" What's on your mind - break up or benefit? ”

Page 16.

VC Industry in India:

Face2Face with Mr. Sanjay Anandaram



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1 . The Sahara Means of

doing Items: Ajith

Pancily, Shiv Marwah,

Tanmay Mahale and

Vipin Sreekumar

2 . The Bull and the

Bear debate in the

Dragon: Anusha

Ganne, Prateek Shukla,

Saurabh Jain and

Sravan Kommuri

3. Credit Ratings of

Nations around the world: Are they Trustworthy?: Aman Agrawal,

Ratika Mittal and Shiv


5. Air India: Quest to

save the sinking ship:

Parikshit Kapila and

Pranav Gupta

5. Precisely on your

head - divide or bonus? ”: Vivek Pandey

and Vivek Batra

6. Face2Face with Mr.

Sanjay Anandaram:

Aditya Raghunath


From your Editors' Table,

t offers us wonderful pleasure to pen over the editorial to get the second issue of Arthaarth for two particular reasons. Initial, a brilliant simplifie of articles that varieties the material of this concern of Arthaarth, which have been published to perfection. They have genuinely brought out the intricacies of the topics included. Second, which we emotionally connect to, is definitely the launch of Arthaarth on the first financial symposium of IIM Udaipur, Arth-Samvaad 2013. The symposium would bring together incumbents through the domain of finance to speak on the theme " Happen to be Indian businesses decoupled in the rest of the world”. The symposium would also see clubs from leading B-schools across the nation compete for the ArthSamvaad Presentation Concern. Dare we all say, times of trouble weaving loom large about many areas and organizations around the world, and an incomplete understanding of decoupling would just make matters worse!

The article on " The Sahara Way of carrying out Things” takes a peek into the Sahara derrota and points to failures inside the regulatory platform. The cover article, creatively titled because " The Bull and Bear issue over the Dragon”, looks at the effect of slowdown on the terrain of dragons, China. The implications of coupling of growth in nations emerge strong plus the article is exploring the future view for China and tiawan and other countries, which brings us to the third article. " Credit Ratings of Nations: Are they Dependable? ” offers a snapshot showing how the risk of a rustic is assessed by premier rating organizations across the world, plus the various guidelines used by these agencies. The content also discusses the efficiency of these scores, and their inherent flaws. " Air India: Quest to conserve the tragedy ship” attempts to explore the near future strategy of Air India, one of the intensely cash-strapped airlines in India. The article features the chronology of events that Atmosphere India has become through, which can be pivotal to understanding the current situation with the airlines sector.

The next section brings back Arthaarth's very own Cash Ratnam, the smoothness who easily simplifies finance. With this superhero edition, " What's on your mind - split or perhaps bonus? ” Money Ratnam explains the differences between Inventory Splits and Bonus Shares, and their value to the stockholder. For each of our Face2Face series, we have Mr. Sanjay Anandram, a venture capitalist, businessperson and president of Jumpstart VC Pay for, who talks to Finomina about the " VC market in India”, and how does the real world scenario look like. This matter of Arthaarth is truly a collector's edition, which has a range of contemporary topics talked about and...